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How you feel in the morning will determine your day, and we all love great days. In this article I will go over the importance of a morning routine and recommend quality coffee for cyclists and the great benefits of drinking this morning beverage. Morning routines that you should consider incorporating into your lifestyle should be things that motivate you and help you stay healthy. There are routines that can help you in many areas of your life, and I am a bicycle messenger, a very athletic individual so some of my daily morning routines include exercise, prayer, meditation, and of course coffee. Exercise in the morning helps get my blood and oxygen flowing so I feel alert, and sharp, which is important for me because being a bike messenger requires great energy and focus because it can be a dangerous job. Prayer and mediation help clear my thoughts, and it also calms my mind and soul and helps me prepare mentally for anything, and then of course coffee, and besides helping you stay alert, for those of you who don’t know coffee offers great health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

syconyc-health-benefits-of-drinking-coffee-cycling-bike-messengersCoffee is the world’s favorite morning beverage, and it’s also very healthy despite the negative effects some of you might’ve heard from too much coffee drinking, such as damage to the central nervous system. Now I’m not saying consuming 10 cups a day is healthy, but you should definitely take advantage of the benefits it may offer especially if you’re an athlete. Like tea, coffee is loaded with antioxidants and studies show that coffee drinkers are at lower risk of developing several serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, and it helps keep your liver healthy. The caffeine in coffee will increase your metabolic rate which is great to burn fat and it can be taken pre-workout to boost the fat-burning effect. Coffee can also help with muscle recovery, so it serves well as a post-workout drink. I am a coffee lover and the smell of fresh coffee in the morning gets me in a great mood. It’s very relaxing, especially on a beautiful sunny day if the temperature is just right. Coffee helps decrease the amount of uric acid in the blood, which can help prevent the risk of developing gout and arthritis. The antioxidants found in coffee protect the body from free radical-induced tissue damage, which will allow your muscles to recover faster. To learn more about the great benefits of drinking coffee click here. I am a coffee lover, so besides all the great health benefits, I enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. It gets my day started right, especially on a nice sunny day if the temperature is right. It helps me relax, concentrate and plan my day! Bottoms up, cheers!

Check Out This Cool Donald Trump Mug!

Donald Trump Bike Messenger Coffee MugYou know, I had Donald Trump all wrong, but now that I know he loves bike messengers I’m beginning to like the guy. 😁 Donald Trump is all for bike messengers, so make sure you show support by drinking coffee from this hilarious mug. I’m not much into politics so I have nothing much to say about Donald Trump, but when I came across this masterpiece I just had to share it with everyone in the cycling/bike courier community. Bahaha 😂 you don’t believe that he loves bike couriers? Check out the video below featuring Squid one of New York City’s most well-known bicycle messengers on Fox 5 news! 


Need Great Coffee To Go With That Mug?


You need great coffee to go with that Trump mug and Valhalla Organic Coffee is a great choice. Birthed from the Volcanic earth of Indonesia this blend has a very robust flavor, really smooth and the caffeine quality will sure give you the boost you need, it’s perfect for cycling. Rich in antioxidants, the Valhalla organic blend of carefully selected premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans may also help reduce inflammation so it’s a great post-workout/cycling before to ease sore muscles and achy joints. This product has received other great reviews as well so you can’t go wrong with this quality product. It’s a bit pricier than the regular stuff I used to buy but it’s worth it, I rather spend my money on quality. 

Valhalla Coffee Amazon Review Coffee For Cyclists


Valhalla Coffee Amazon Review Coffee For Cyclists

Everything Messengers Need To Start Their Day

So with this super cool mug, you’ll need the perfect coffee to go inside that mug. So whenever you feel you need a bit of motivation, just remember Donald Trump supports you, you are a great bicycle messenger!

Buy You're Very Own Donald Trump For Couriers Coffee Mug Today!
Donald Trump Bicycle Messenger Coffee Mug

Get Ready To Enjoy Great Tasting Coffee!

Valhalla Organic Coffee For Cyclists

I hope you enjoy your new purchase guys! Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoyed this article please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive new posts to your email. Ride safe and take care!

Best Wishes!

Emilio “SYCONYC’

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14 thoughts on “The Importance Of A Morning Routine | Quality Coffee For Cyclists | Cool Trump Coffee Mug

  1. Wow, this is a very interesting article, I had no idea that Donald Trump was all for bike messengers haha. I don’t take any political stance anywhere but that makes me like him a little bit more. I actually will be getting myself one of those mugs, people are gonna hate me for it! 😀 

    1. Haha, hey he really isn’t a bad guy. The mug is great! It’s humorous and really I get nothing but good vibes when I look at it. Enjoy that mug Misael!

  2. I love that you are so open about your morning routine and how you incorporate coffee with you morning meditation! 

    I am very much the same way, my morning routine is super important for me as it sets the tone for the rest of my day. Most mornings I start off with a bit of a walk with my dogs and then I have my coffee right afterward and I have been making an effort to have my magic hour. 

    Getting up an hour before anyone else rises in my home isn’t always easy. But it helps me soo much.

    Where do you live? When you say a bike messenger my brain goes to that movie tracers! Right in the middle of NYC 

    I would imagine you have to stay hella sharp!

    1. Hey Dawayne, nice routine! I think everyone can benefit from a morning routine. Morning routines will determine how your day will turn out. It’s like a game plan, and when a person first wakes up, their mind is refreshed and brain waves are in full effect which is why I feel not just relaxed, but super energetic, and I am able to focus more in the morning and this helps when I read the newspaper, which is a part of my morning routine, and exercise too. Waking up before everyone else gives me a sense of accomplishment, and also the air is a lot fresher in the morning so I like to step out with my cup of coffee and take a deep breath. I am from Queens, NY, I have heard of the movie Tracer but didn’t know it was about a bike messenger, but I will definitely check it out! To be a bike messenger, hell yeah, you have to be crazy sharp or you’ll get squashed by a truck or bus haha. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, God bless, and stay safe out there!

  3. Great morning read! Thank you, Emilio! I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I liked the way you wrote this article. You are good with words. 

    I Hope coffee keeps you fresh as ever. I pretty much can’t get out of bed if my coffee isn’t like it should be. Here’s to coffee lovers worldwide. 



    1. Hey Aparna, thank you! I appreciate your compliment. I guess I am pretty good with words haha. Coffee is a must for me it’s a very important part of my morning routine. You should try this brand, it’s very good and it’s also very potent. 

  4. Hi there, Coffee is such a global drink and having the first cup of coffee in the morning, is such an institution for most people. I am not much of a political enthusiast or Trump supporter, but it is interesting to see that he supports bicycle messengers, not something that I thought he would be into. 

    i like your suggestion of organic coffee, so will give Valhalla a try. 

    1. Yeah, the coffee mug is very interesting. Many people disliked him and I can understand why, but he was an entertaining character. If you ever get to try Valhalla coffee, let me know. I would love to know your opinion. Take care! 

  5. Hello there, Emilio! This is a great post. You have an awesome morning routine that accompanies a little bit of everything healthy. This will definitely put you to a great start each day. I definitely agree with you there about the health benefits of coffee and caffeine for that manner. Definitely a nice mug to go with the coffee will brighten anyone’s day. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you! The Donald Trump coffee mug is hilarious, and I’m a bike messenger so I think it’s a very cool item. 

  6. Hi there,

    What a fun and engaging article, I love it!

    I’ve learned quite a lot in just a few minutes of reading. For example, I didn’t know coffee is good for joints pain. I suffer from joint pain for a while now, and I try to cure it naturally without medicaments. I stopped eating sugar and meat, and I do many bicycle exercises at home, and I already can see a big difference. Well, now I am going to drink coffee during the day, and I hope it will help me even more:) I’ve heard that caffeine raises blood sugar and makes you feel tired after drinking it. What do you think about this?.

    Thank you for this great post!

    1. Hey Daniella, using natural medicines is always best. Also, limiting meat is healthy, I eat mostly white meat. If you are healthy you don’t have to worry about caffeine affecting blood sugar. Will it make you feel tired? I guess it depends on each individual, for example, some are very sensitive to caffeine. Coffee won’t keep me awake if I’m sleepy, I will still fall asleep even after having a cup. Drinking too much coffee I suppose can cause you to experience a crash because of the sugar. Here is a link to an article with more information about caffeine and blood sugar. https://www.mayoclinic.org 

  7. Ah, what. Brilliant! I love these mugs. These are right up my street. I don’t think I’d win the cycling championships. In fact, I’m not even a cyclist. But as a Coffee addict, I am the champion of being able to handle any terrain, no matter how rough, and still manage not to spill a drop of the sacred stuff. Cheers! 

    1. That’s great, haha. Hey, you don’t need to be a cyclist to enjoy drinking quality coffee, from a quality mug. I think most morning people are addicts, even if they aren’t morning people, for example, most employees. When I was in the IT field, which I dreaded every morning, I still relied on caffeine to get my day started, but now as an athlete and a blogger, I depend on it, even more, to get stuff done. I still handle my work as a bicycle messenger even after my morning routines. I am a hyperactive dude. 

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