SYCONYC Bike MessengerI started working as a courier in 2016 after quitting my IT job. It wasn’t that simple, I had to convince myself to take a chance and do what I felt was right for me. After 6 years of IT work, I decided it was time for a change and felt strongly about pursuing my dreams to live a more rewarding, healthier lifestyle with more freedom. I became so curious especially since courier apps are in, and they market them in a way that is appealing using phrases like “be your own Boss”, “work on your own schedule”, and “make money, while you work on your own business”. My curiosity grew and I was always an active person so the thought of riding my bike around the city to deliver people’s food, documents, etc. never bothered me at all. In 2 years, I became a pro and discovered a new talent of riding my bike through traffic, pushing cars, gliding my hands across buses, and meeting my deadlines. This did not come without cuts and bruises, I did fall off my bike a few times, got hit by a car twice, and suffered a spinal fracture after crashing with another cyclist on the Queensborough Bridge. I was determined to get back on my bike and 1 month after surgery I was back on the streets quicker, smoother, and more professional than ever. I thought it would be cool to pick a bike messenger nickname since most messengers have one and I remembered as a teen growing up on the Upper East Side my friends gave me the name Syco (psycho). Since I was born and raised here in NYC, I came up with SYCONYC and decided to use it as my brand name as well.


SYCONYC.COM is an Affiliate Marketing blog for bike messengers, and cyclists in general whether you commute to work, or are a bike messenger (Food, Packages). Also, a place for BMX enthusiasts, oh what the hell if you ride anything with wheels this is for you, so skateboarders and rollerbladers are welcomed, I’ve noticed couriers on scooters as well which is pretty neat. I do make money off of items I promote, I am an Amazon, eBay, and Etsy affiliate and I created this blog to recommend some great gear, bikes, and other accessories that can also come in handy for daily commuters on bikes, scooters you name it.  Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions feel free to send me a DM via messenger. 

All the best,

Emilio “SYCONYC” Simon