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Are you in need of same-day package delivery? Book anytime for all your business-to-business and personal delivery needs. Bicycle couriers get things done a lot quicker since bikes are agile, and couriers can navigate through New York City’s congested streets with ease. Other services provided are same-day flower and medication deliveries. You can also book to get your favorite cupcakes delivered and other retail items. Before placing your order simply contact me so I can give you my full name to add to the order so I can pick it up for you. I have been a professional bike messenger for 5 years, so I can assure you that nothing I deliver to you will be damaged unless I get run over by a car and die but that won’t happen. Check out some of my client reviews below!

Service Areas

Queens – Astoria, Long Island City

Manhattan – Lower East Side, Midtown, Upper East Side, the rate for pick-up and deliveries above 110th Street is $30.00. No deliveries past 125th Street.

Brooklyn – Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights

I am a pro and have been providing trustworthy service since 2018. Get your packages moving, while keeping the air cleaner one bike at a time.
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Bicycle Messengers
Bicycles help reduce congestion, and are more reliable because bikes can get around traffic and go places cars can't
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Timely Deliveries
Because bikes can squeeze into tight spaces you can rest assure your packages will keep moving in a timley fashion
SYCONYC.COM Same Day Package Delivery
Pick-Up Services
Don't go anywhere, relax and choose your pickup location. No extra charge for additional packages going to same location.