Cycling Recovery | Great Benefits Of Protein and Tea Supplements

I find cycling all day very fun and it’s definitely a great stress reliever. When I am on my bike my mind is clear from any obstacles in my life. I only concentrate on what’s in front of me and around me because I don’t want to get crushed by a car, or run over a pedestrian and get myself hurt as well. With the proper precautions, cycling is a great cardio exercise that also helps tone up your legs, core, and upper body. My days are never the same. A typical workday for me is 8 hours of delivering packages, gifts, and food so I need to ensure that I consume products that will help speed up my recovery. In this article, I will discuss cycling recovery, as well as the benefits of protein supplements, and the health effects of drinking tea.

Cycling Recovery

Bike riding is such a fun exercise, ever since I started riding I became addicted. Cycling can be very challenging especially if you start work as a courier because that requires hours of cycling, at least if you want to make a decent buck. It all varies depending on what you do. For example, when I first started working as a Postmates courier I would only work 3 days a week because my legs would get so sore; my entire body actually. After a while, my legs got stronger and my body got used to it and I would work a full week. Then I started with package deliveries, now that line of work is an entirely different animal. When delivering packages you have to meet certain deadlines, and that can be anywhere between 45 minutes, to 3 hours all depending on the type of delivery so you have to be on your toes at all times, be very alert, and travel longer distances compared to delivering food which is usually food ordered at nearby restaurants. After work, I usually have a cup of tea which does wonders for my body and helps with recovery. Hot showers or hot salt baths are something I do at least once a week, and every morning I like to stretch out and warm up my joints to prevent injuries and reduce stiffness.

Benefits Of Protein Supplements

Like with any other exercise routine, you have to make sure to take in the right nutrients and supplements to help your body recover and build muscle. Protein shakes can be taken as a meal replacement, you can add fruits which are healthy carbs with natural sugars to provide you with the energy you need for long rides. They are also very filling so it helps prevent overeating. I keep it simple and protein shakes are all I need to fuel my body and help rebuild damaged muscle tissue. MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder, is one of the best tasting protein powders I’ve ever tried, and it’s packed with vitamins and 150 calories per serving (another 130 calories or so with milk), 25 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbs unless you add fruit but carbs are needed before any exercise. It also only has 2 grams of sugar which are great. The texture is very creamy and thick which is how I love my protein shake. I absolutely love this product and I know many of you will too after trying it. I always look for great taste in a product that offers the best results. I’ve been consuming protein since 2002 which is around the time when I got into weight lifting and came across some bad-tasting products some with too much sugar and high calories. MusclePharm is by far the best product for me, and would highly recommend it for athletes who are searching for a quality protein product. To read about another great supplement brand I recommend, check out this post.

MusclePharm Combat Protein

Health Effects Of Drinking Tea

Staying properly hydrated is extremely important, especially during long rides. Drinking water may not sound very appealing early morning during cold winters so I typically drink a warm glass of water with lemon, this makes it easier on my stomach, but also hot tea for all the great health benefits such as boosting immunity, since the body lacks’ vitamin D during winter because of less sun exposure. Caffeinated tea may cause a mild diuretic effect, but it’s not enough to cause dehydration unlike stronger caffeinated beverages such as coffee, which contains 95-200 milligrams compared to green teas 24-45 milligrams, so drinking tea is actually a great way to stay hydrated and boost energy levels. Green tea is one of my favorite beverages for its anti-inflammatory effects as well as its ability to help with muscle recovery after long hard rides. Since I do bike messenger work I am exposed to all kinds of germs being outdoors, especially during flu season which is why I consume tea before and after cycling or any form of exercise for that matter to boost my immune system and since green tea kills bacteria, it can also kill germs that cause bad breath, it also helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. I recently purchased Harney and Son’s Organic Green Tea and this stuff is great! Definitely give it a try and become an energetic, fat-burning, germ-fighting machine!

Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea

Garlic And Fish Oil Pills

I guess I can’t get enough immunity-boosting supplements. Garlic is another great vegetable with immune-boosting properties.  If you are an athlete, an avid cyclist, messenger, whatever physical activity you do, you want to make sure that you consume nutrients, vitamins, supplements that combat fatigue, strengthen your immune system and filter out pollution and toxins that can come from the foods we eat, and the air we breathe. Garlic can help prevent the common cold so that’s my reason for taking garlic pills daily. Some studies do show that it helps increase athletic performance but there isn’t enough research to prove it, it can help you perform at your best by keeping your immune system strong which will help combat diseases, so I guess in that sense it’s safe to say yes. Garlic pills help support healthy brain function and can lower cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure. Garlic pills by GNC are a good product without the bad taste and smell taken with multivitamins, and a quality protein mix will help you stay on top of your health. You will definitely notice the difference, you will have more energy and even have a younger-looking appearance.

GNC Herbal Plus Odorless Garlic Pills

Perform At Your Best. Recover. Do It All Over Again!

I hope you really enjoyed this article on cycling recovery and got great value from it! The benefits of protein supplements are many, and taken daily every morning before rides and as a post-workout shake which can also turn into a meal rich in vitamins and carbohydrates when mixed with fruits. You will feel full and energized and this will help your muscles recover. The health effects of drinking tea also include muscle recovery, a stronger immune system, and mental focus. Any hard physical activity will take a toll on your body so it’s important to always make sure to feed yourself the right nutrients. Thanks again for stopping by, please leave your comments and questions down below and I will answer your questions as quickly as I can! ✌?

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11 thoughts on “Cycling Recovery | Great Benefits Of Protein and Tea Supplements

  1. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. The act of drinking tea is actually a great way to stay hydrated and boost energy levels. Most tea contains variety of ingredients that enable them to function more effectively in human wellness. However, the CBD tea has proven bto be my number one.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  2. I think we have the Asians for giving us tea in our world today because it is drank practically on every part of the world. It’s a wonderful thing to drink tea especially when one is taking a healthy variety of tea. The fact that there are so much health benefits makes it even better. You really know so much. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hello there, I have been a fan of cycling and although I don’t take it as a sport to fully focus on, it’s more of a means of exercise for me also a good time to catch up with family on a nice sunny day, I really enjoy doing it a lot. These supplements seem very good, especially for active athletes. Very informative article, thanks for sharing.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post on biking. I myself enjoy biking as well, my daughter and I usually go together. Protein powder has been a huge part of my life. Previous to what I do now I was a personal trainer and recommendations of protein powder was one of the questions I got asked the most. One that you’re promoting right now Combat seems to be a good one. I like that it has a good carb content as well the protein manages to balance out the calorie.

    1. Hey Eric, thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the article! That’s great, so you know your protein powders. I’ve been consuming protein powder for years and it has evolved. Most protein powders today are lower in calories and sugars compared to before which is a great thing. Back in 2005 I used to consume Muscle Milk, which was good but was high in calories and sugar, not sure if that’s changed. I stopped using it after I read that it contained MSG and that’s when I realized the stuff wasn’t so healthy. Combat Protein is great, I love the flavor. Thanks for stopping by, take care! 

  5. Hey there ….cycling certainly is good for stamina, strength,and aerobic fitness,it helps to protect one from serious diseases such as stroke,heart attack,cancer and all….I do this every morning as a form of exercise with my family….and it really does helps ….These supplement you mention seems really nice they are going to beneficial especially to athletes ….Thanks alot for sharing .

    1. Hey, glad you found my article helpful. Yeah cycling is more than just a cardio workout, it does help tone up your body over all especially when implementing other exercises, I think performing full body workouts and cycling go a long way if you want to get in great shape. It definitely can help prevent diseases and complications. Cycling or any form of exercise such as running is good to help the body release toxins from the air we breathe, foods we consume. It gives the liver a break. Taking supplements like tea has helped boost up my recovery and I enjoy knowing that my body is more protected from harmful radicals, and germs that could potentially get me sick! 

  6. Thanks for sharing this great review on cycling and great health. The benefits of cycling to our are numerous and cannot be over emphasis. Aside the fact that it is a an exercise which makes more healthy for heart it also makes you fit for sporting events. What’s are disadvantages of cycling to our health? 

    1. Hey Peter, no problem! Yeah cycling is great, when I first started I used to get sore all over. Disadvantages? I think there are disadvantages to any kind of exercise or sport if you aren’t careful. I don’t know if I would label injuries as a disadvantage but giving your body the rest it needs, and eating the right foods to help your body recover is a step towards preventing injuries. I always listen to my body, if I put in a lot of work and I feel tired then I just take a day or two off. I don’t want to damage or knee or any other part of my body. Also for those who cycle through heavy traffic, advantages are, that you will beat them and get to your destination faster 😀 Disadvantage, if you aren’t careful one little bump from a car or truck will send you to the ground, and of course things can get more serious. Glad you stopped by! 

  7. Nice review on the Harney and Sons organic green tea. I really enjoy green tea and it’s one of my favorites. The citrus and ginkgo really enhance the flavor. I find some green teas a bit sour with an aftertaste, but not this brand. This tea is very refreshing hot or cold. In general there are lot of other health benefits. Besides keeping you hydrated and boosting your energy levels, it can also help with weight control.

    1. Hey David, yeah I really enjoy this particular brand. It’s one of the smoothest teas I have ever tasted, very rich and dark. I haven’t tried the citrus and ginkgo flavored one, but I have come across it, they offer a great variety. Green tea is one of the most beneficial teas out there, depending on the quality. It also helps to slow down aging, it prevents brain diseases as well such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, it helps detox the liver as well. 

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